Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Memo.

Well now, with the boys back at school, the rest of us have to busy ourselves so we don't miss them so much.

Minna and I cleaned and redecorated her room. Goodbye size 18 month clothing! See ya later stacking blocks and puzzles meant for babies. We need a big girl room! A 3 year old room.

This 3 year old likes how it feels.

We smoked some pinks today. I don't know what smoked salmon is supposed to look like. It doesn't look that great but it tasted and smelled really good. We will keep at it and try different brine concoctions. When I say "we", I mean Jeff. I didn't help. At all. I was a good taste tester though. The best part is that we got the electric smoker with the house. Might as well try our hand at smoking stuff right?

*Speaking of fish- check out part two of "North By Northwest" over at The Great Read. Fun reading recommendations and more of my pictures. Plus, another Avett Brothers video. Go for that at least!

Also, I started collecting egg cartons already and stacking them on top of the fridge. The chicks will be here by the weekend! Yay! We won't have actual eggs from our soon-to-be chickens for months and months though. I want to be ready.

Of course I took a picture of them...can you tell I am slowly but surely losing my strong natural light (not, my mind) in the house? The days are getting shorter and leaning toward the dim side.

We are rollin' with it.

You have a good start to your week?


  1. Her room is big-girl precious!! I babysit during the day so I don't have (as much) time to miss my kids - crazy, right? I know how you feel, though. Do you have to worry about any, um, how do I say this, natural food-chain animals that want your soon-to-be chick eggs? We were thinking about getting chickens until a neighbor told us the eggs attract snakes....ugh. we have enough of those already...

    xoxo michele

  2. Lucky us, we don't have snakes here on the island. Weird huh? We do have fox and hawks and bears so that will be an adventure. Hoping that we can protect our new family members. Our neighbors have done real well with their chickens so I am hopeful. Gonna be fun!

  3. September tomorrow....that means you Yicks will be soon with you!!!!


  4. yay! they are here! we love them. hope i have good luck with our little crazy yicks!