Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Three Down. Three To Go.

So we came home with SIX suitcases. We had to bring home a bunch of almost free books and a friend gave the boys tons of outgrown clothing. Love cool free clothes. Of the six, I have unpacked three. Not much else besides sleeping and recovering from a stomach bug has happened indoors for the past few days.

That is because it has been calm and windless and sunny and warm and amazing out.

Instead, we have managed to learn some new fishing skills.

And cast and cast and cast.

And make fishing look so easy.

Can you believe we can walk to this river?
I only believe it because I did it today.
It took about 5 minutes.

Those last three suitcases will be unpacked eventually. They will just wait for me. The sun won't. Neither will school. I think I have my priorities in order.

Have a great evening!

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