Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gotta Feeling About These Two...

One of our big reasons for taking our trip this summer was to attend Jeff's baby sister's wedding. What a romantic and sweet and genuine wedding it was! That new brother-in-law of mine magically made tents and umbrellas wrapped with matching hand towels for each guest appear the morning of, as rain pounded the location. Amazing. Even more amazing was that the sun peeked out just as the bride started her walk down the staircase. No joke.

Anyway, I knew I wanted to stitch something for them as part of their wedding gift. My original idea was to embellish an overhead view of the map I found of the gardens where they were marrying. I even drew it out all fancy, traced, retraced and put about 10 hours of stitching flowers into that idea before I decided against it. It wasn't even bad. I just decided I hated it.

So, instead, I used the pretty leaves and birds from their invitations and tried to recreate them on a little panel. I used three shades of the light, yellowy green and a natural colored piece of linen from our local yarn store. (The owner happens to be an embroiderer herself. :)

Then, I just stitched in the wedding date and bound it with brown. I was happy with it. Especially the birds flying towards each other. Romantic touch, I thought.

I was sooooo nervous giving it to them. Sweating, actually. They seemed to love it and like that it was drawn from their invites and stuff. Phew!

I really loved making it and I love them. That's what it's about right?

Also, I keep meaning to share that we had a fun limo ride to the wedding. There were 11 people all dressed up and excited crammed in there. That song, "I gotta feelin', woo hooo, that tonight's gonna be a good night..." (Black Eyed Peas) came on and all of us, with our various ages and rhythmic abilities started toe tapping and dancing in our seats. It seemed so fitting and hilarious and perfect.

The only downer is that I learned exactly how old and out of touch I am. The boys wanted to get that song to dance to at home and I kept asking everybody, "What was that new song that we all danced to in the limo yesterday?"

Well, yeah, it was new... in 2009. Oh brother.

But it's got the kids and I dancing here and now in 2011. Plus it will always remind me of us giddy in the limo, riding and dancin' in style. It really was a good night.


  1. What a thoughtful gift.
    Don't you love making something and while you are at it you think about the recipient... how you love them, happy memories of times spent together, and how you want your gift to convey your regard for them... ? It's as though your applying your affection in every stitch.
    Blessings for the happy couple!

  2. There certainly was affection in every stitch. What a great way to put it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Such beautiful photos, Natalie! What a priceless gift - so romantic, like you said. Your book recommendation has me pondering quilts - the meaning behind them....
    I am with you on the music - our family attended a wedding last summer and we danced to Miley's "Party in the USA" and it was the first time I had heard it - what a dork I am. But isn't it great the library has all this music and you can wear it out and send it back - or if you truly love it after 3 to 6 weeks you can buy it. If you've never heard it before, it is new, right?

    xoxo michele

  4. Yes! Being able to borrow music before buying is the best! Gotta go check out Miley's "new" song.... ;)