Thursday, August 25, 2011

Notes And Some Mud.

First week of school, almost over! The boys are off to a great start. Very excited and motivated so far. Feels good.

Been rained on all week. Except one day when I got to take some yard pictures. We came home from our vacation to a lush, green, crazy overgrown spread. Just the way I like it! The tunnels and forts in the brush behind the greenhouse are epic.

Along with all the green and surprise flowers and weeds, we also have lots of mud! So much mud. Mud is only fun for Minna when wearing her fanciest dress. Can't do anything about that. Except photograph it.

Fun news regarding my muddy-girl... she is going to start ballet soon! The class is actually a creative dance class designed for 3 year olds. It's in the sweetest kid-sized home studio that overlooks the ocean. I hope she loves it. More importantly, I hope they let me take pictures all the time.

One last little note- Michele over at The Great Read let me put together a collection of library finds that she may be featuring along with some of my photographs tomorrow! Fun! She creates these wonderful library collections that blend perfectly and include a book, a movie, a cookbook and a music selection. Her idea is to make going to the library an exciting, educational and well-rounded experience. Really, her choices are SO good.

My collection was inspired by our first summer here in our new home. They remind me of coastal/island life, dreamy, romantic summer days spent in the trees, hidden swimming holes, simple, honest living, passionate fishermen and soaking in the outdoors as much as possible. It's all in there.

And it's all here.

She may do a second feature including Alaskan/coastal inspired reads on Monday. Hope you go check it out and look through all of her beautifully balanced collections.

Bet you find something good...


  1. You have a bear on your library card - I am so jealous! ;)

    Sweet photos - wish my boys were there hiding in those tunnels and forts about now - it was sweltering hot today!

    xoxo michele

  2. Fall is in the air for us now for sure. We are anything but hot. Not sure I can handle hot anymore myself. I will take a damp fort any old day. :) Our library cards are the coolest I have seen. Love the yellow too...

  3. Came over to visit from Michele's blog. I loved Ahab's wife when first I read it!

    I have a friend in Anchorage - she sent me first day of school pics in which her daughter was wearing jeans and a jacket. I was jealous. I am so tired of being hot and it's not even really hot here (we don't talk in 'heat indexes' at 6,000+ ft in Colorado! But if it's over 82, it's too hot for me!)

  4. Thanks for coming by! Yeah, we got our coats on. And rain gear. ;)