Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chickens and School. (Not In That Order.)

My boys went back to school today.

It seemed to be a very long day for us left behind. For them, I am told, it flew by. I remember the first day of school and how exciting it was. I am glad they feel that way too. Takes the bite outta missing them, just a little.

The rest of us went out to breakfast and worked around the house. Minna fluffed the bedding in the chick brooder as she does every day. Some days she is fully clothed. Others, a little less so.

*NOTE* I can assure you, that if you happen to come by to visit the chicks after they arrive, Minna will be mostly clothed. Promise.

Sadly, the batch of chicks that our wonderful neighbors were hoping to hatch for us didn't make it. We were bummed, but quickly perked up because we were able to find 15 that can come live with us! They get here on September 2nd! I will let you know how it goes because they are coming to Kodiak... by mail! Can you even believe it?

Minna and I were inspired by this pretty yellow, green, orange combo outside the brooder area window. Which is in the greenhouse right now. I want them to be in the house, but space and cooperation from the husband are lacking. Can't complain, J has been very cooperative about all the other chicken stuff so far. I won't push it.

Anyway, we love that green and orange and made a little garland for the chicks. Minna helped me sew. She is so good at lifting and lowering the foot for me. Lets me sew forever if she gets to do that part.

It means "hello, we love you, welcome home!" in chicken language. Can't wait til they get here. Sully can't wait to bring one in to school on "pet day". Minna says she is naming one "Pita" and one "Suzie". Sound like perfect chicken names to me.

Happy first day of school everybody!


  1. Rachel says those are Day Lillies! You can eat them!!

  2. An online friends of mine got little chickies in the mail! I was so surprised to hear they ship them that way but hers did well... I don't think they had so far to go as yours probably do.