Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Kodi", For Short.

So here is a story I have been meaning to share for a year now. I am glad I waited (or was lazy) because I have such a good follow up! With pictures too!

Meet, Kodi.

It stands for Kodiak. Kodiak is kind of a masculine name for a teeny girl kitten. So, Kodi it is. Sully found Kodi, with her eyes still shut, on the floor of the hay barn out in Two Rock. A huge truck had earlier moved hay bales out of the barn and we think, may have sadly disturbed a mama and her kittens.

We searched, and waited all evening for any sign of a mama cat. Nothing.

It also happened to be our very last night in that house by the hay barn. That same day, all of our stuff had been packed and prepped to ship here. Kodi needed a home. And Grandma willingly gave her one.

She was fed from a teeny bottle that Grandma wrapped with a piece of an old woolly sweater. Kodi would grab it and knead with her claws. Genius! Besides grandma, no one loved (loves) Kodi more than the boy who found her. I always say he saved her. One more day and he wouldn't have been there to hear her little mews.

Here she is one year ago, learning to be a cat.

Here she now! We stayed at Grandma's house on our trip to California and got to see her all grown up!

She doesn't love to be held as she did when she was a kitten and the camera kind of scared her. So we just watched and enjoyed having her around. We liked telling stories about when she was a baby.

Sully somehow got to hold her and get a few purrs out of her. He just has a way. Oh! How he loves her and ALL cats, really.

She knows.

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  1. What a dear story... something to start my day with a deep, contented smile. Thank you!