Monday, September 19, 2011

A Stormy Sentimental Note On Brothers.

Today we had a windy, wet ride to school. In the rear-view I see my boys heads, covered with rain hoods. Minna in the middle, under a blanket, between her "bo-bos". All are cozy and quiet. Three years ago, pre-Minna, the boys sat next to each other and on dark mornings like this, looked like one little being.

"1-2-3!" They yelled in unison after cramped hugs and kisses goodbye inside the truck. Then the doors flung open and off to the front door of the school they go. One boy slightly taller. The other, slightly skipping. They moved quickly together. One body and two little hoods.

Brothers. My boys. In the rain.

These two are less than 3 years apart and the age gap has become much less apparent. Colyer is almost as tall as Sully. He can run as fast and ride as fast. He may even have an edge on Sully in the daredevil department. That creates so much competition and determination inside of their little hearts that it frightens me sometimes. (er, all the time.) It causes hurt feelings and at worst, injuries.

I am reassured when I see something else coming from their little hearts. I see a partnership that I will never fully understand. I know it is there. They show me in little ways everyday.
When one goes, he makes room for the other.
They do the scary stuff together. Always.

When one challenges the other. The other takes it on.
Then challenges right back.

They teach each other. They learn.
When one asks for help. The other helps.
And with four hands, they make things better.

They run in the same circles.
Have the same besties from Kodiak to California.
Honorary bo-bos.

They share everything.
Love of the outdoors, a soft spot for animals, their baby sister,
a passion for Legos, building, inventing and ever so often,
they share sleep.

I wonder if they will have a rocky teenage relationship as their Dad and Uncle did? How will Colyer feel when Sully goes off to college first? Will they always ride side by side, racing but still together?

No one can know.

So what helps this Mama of a pair of smart, driven, daring, confident young men rest just a little easier? The way they look like one little being on the school bus as it drives up to our house. My boys on an almost empty bus, huddled together in one seat.

Brothers. My growing boys. In the rain. On the bus.

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