Monday, September 5, 2011


We went to the fair this weekend!

It was the perfect small town style fair.
Just my size.
I loved that there were no rides with height requirements.
No rides at all actually.
No kids begging for cotton candy.
No sunburns or stroller struggles.
Just a casual, checkin' out our first Kodiak Fair kind of day.

With horses.

A petting zoo with lots more animals.

And the best part of all..

...pony rides!

Look at Minna's teeny hand-me-down cowboy boots hanging down!
(I have no words for that one.)

There were a few game booths and some baking and crafts. We stuck to the animals mainly. We saw some goats. Really liked the goats. We will see how this chicken thing goes and you may end up along for the ride as we make my goat-dreams come true too. You never know...

Have a great start to your week after a long weekend. I, personally, have a big day tomorrow.
I got a grown-up job! Like, away from the house and my babes! Ah! It's part-time and only when Jeff is home to be with them. That's the only way it is worth it for me.

I got equal parts nervous and excited going on out here.
Wish me luck!

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