Sunday, September 4, 2011


(Totally wearing my pink shortie robe with my chicken boots, that used to be my cow-pile boots.)


  1. Do I note a sign of fall?
    Summer is slipping away.

  2. Out of all the people I know on Facebook, and even going back to that other "selfish head" site that shall remain nameless, your postings are by far the most intreaging and whity of them all. I just wish that I could have caught up again with Jeff and you; as well as my kids meeting your kids before you all split to Alaska...Keep up the great pictures and FB feeds cause some day they will make you a superstar.....BC in Petaluma

  3. The picture of your boys (reading?) slays me. Hope you are enjoying your long weekend, Natalie.

    xoxo michele

  4. Thanks guys! Brett, is that you? :) I can't tell you how happy in makes me that folks back home are reading my silly stuff. Makes me miss everybody and everything, but at the same time makes me feel connected too. We missed out on seeing people we wanted to because we didn't realize our time in CA was fleeting. That's life I guess. Glad we can keep in touch here though. Plus, there is always a place to stay here if you feel the pull to visit a rainy Alaskan island one day. ;) Thanks for checking in!