Thursday, September 29, 2011

Like This And Like That.

So it's been looking like this out here.

I should have been trying to make heads or tails outta this...

...and weeding and prepping all this.

There are veggie beds under there somewhere.
I think.

But instead, I played around with this gal all day.

Together, we fooled around with these guys.

It was their second time outside.

They loved it.

(In a few days they will have a new address
and be ready for correspondence.)

Happy chickens and lil' girls itching to be running and exploring are making it easy to neglect our future garden. I am sure I will be digging and crouching in freezing rain trying to ready the beds for Winter and our first try at growing next Spring. Hard to think of much other than the sun and the blue sky when we have it out here.

And with all of this and that, it was a good day.

Hope yours was too.

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