Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Purple Purposeful Pack.

Minna and I made something!

We decided that Fwa needed a carrier, stat!

Fwa is the mystery baby that Minna has below. We don't know where Fwa came from. I don't remember buying her and I can't for the life of me remember Minna receiving her as a gift. Please forgive me if she did, and thank you, if you gave her to us. Minna adores her. I pulled her out of a moving box last year and said, "Who is this? Where did this baby come from?" I was really confused. Minna just casually replied, "Dat Fwa, Mama!"

So... that's Fwa.
And she needed a carrier.

We used a bandanna. I just love making things out of bandannas. Remember these? We make bags with them too. Love 'em. Bandannas everywhere. I want to perfect the construction of this bandanna creation and finish it really well. Then, maybe I could put together a tutorial for other dollies out there.

It's has been a HUGE hit with Minna, Fwa and...


Sara was mine when I was a girl. My Mom made her.
I love that Sara is always just hanging around with us these days.

Minna dances around with the carrier.
She climbs stuff with her babes on her back
and wore it out running errands with her dad yesterday.

It can be worn in the front or in back
and the babies can face any which way.
Do I really need to mention how cute it looks on?

I made the armholes a little roomy on purpose because before you know it, Minna and her babies will be in their winter coats! You see all that Fall going on in the background? It's here. The smell and the crunch of it is lovely.

It's a short, short season for us.

We are crunchin' it up.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It looks perfect, and Fwa and Sara look so happy. Well done!

  2. I need this DIY bandanna tutorial, stat! ;)

    The precious girl I babysit has several dolls and no carrier - would love your direction on how to make her one. Love it, love it, love it.

    xoxo michele

  3. Oh sweet little Minna, what a charmer!

  4. Super cute! I made kaitlyn a pouch style sling just like the ones I use when she was minnas age! I can't wait to drag it back out when Haley is older!

  5. Fwa was a birthday present! I remember her getting her!! I don't know who from... I miss that little girl. argh.

  6. Thanks guys! It is so easy and cute right? And Jess, I am kicking myself for not knowing who gave Fwa to us. Dang!

  7. You make such great items for your kiddos, just like your mom!!