Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not Before OR After.

I don't think there will be a virtual tour of the house. I was so excited to show you some "before and after" shots. Those are fun aren't they? But I can't because the "afters" are not ready yet. Still not done. I have some hanging organizers to fashion for a chair and a boring old cork board to cover and hang. The details you know?

Besides, I have been far too busy picking this stuff out.

And cutting these.

Then arranging the results. I am diggin' it.

Plus, a little place called THEADLINGS is opening up in like a week and a half! Whoa! I have a lot of making and photographing to do...gulp.

So finishing touches on my craft corner will have to wait.
I am just too busy using it.

Can't wait for dinner tonight when very special people get to come over and see the place in person! Finally!

Enjoy your Thursday.