Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Stressed, But Dapper All The While.

Wow. Is the week really almost over? When I have to ask myself that I know that we have been overloaded a bit. Real time, grown-up life consumed most of our week. Not much playing or making going on. Not enough anyway. Job worries, interviews, school conferences and bits of this and that made this week fly with very few moments to stop and enjoy it.

Grown up worries aside, look at this dapper gentlemen and his cheery spring tie. I'd hire him in a heartbeat! Wouldn't you?

We are so lucky he works so hard to take care of us.
(Pssst-I think I am a darn lucky lady too because this man can wear a suit!)

Tomorrow I get to meet a dear friend for coffee and we are going to walk on over to the local quilt shop I stumbled upon! Looking at pretty fabric can lift any worried spirit. The fabric shop just happens to be quite near the yarn shop.

Hmmm? Might have to stop in there too.

After all, it's been a long week.

Hope yours has been good so far...

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