Monday, March 8, 2010

Girl, Erupted.

So if the first thing you do bright and early Monday morning is drop something into the toilet...

Do you know what kind of day is ahead?

As of yet, things are following suit. The surprising part is the mood around here is still very light and cheerful. Shows ya it's all how you decide to handle things.

After the make-up brush dive into the toilet incident, we had a very violent car-sick tummy incident. My poor girl had a bunch of milk and promptly lost it all in the car about 20 minutes from home. I am talkin' volcanic proportions here. "Wow", that was all I could muster. I had to remove the car seat, tear it apart, wash, detail, dry and get it all assembled and safely back in the car before big brother needed to be picked up from school. Minna had to sit in a damp seat for a while but I think she was happy it was just water this time, blech.

The seat is happily sunning itself outside now and should be good as new before biggest brother needs to be picked up too. Phew!

Anyway, we are still in a good mood because the sun is out and we have a family birthday party to go to tonight. Plus, I am having lots of fun putting the gift together.

(Here is a sneak peak Kim, betcha can't guess what it is...)

So here's to beatin' the Monday crazies, toilet bowl fishin' and all.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Honey,
    I have so much fun reading your blogs!!!