Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Aglow.

It's neat how each season has its own color scheme.
I know I keep saying Fall is over but I still see the colors in my photos. 

Just like last year
I have a bunch of random Fall glowy shots popping up.

Pups are growing.
And running.
They run a lot.

All of these leaves are crinkled and falling due to our freezing nights.
They get really red before their demise.

Minna is always pretty glowy.

The young girls have some lovely Autumn color themselves.
We may have little green eggs soon!
Not sure where they will lay though.
Right now they sleep in a tree 
and don't spend much time near the nesting boxes.

Anyway, so excited about Halloween prep!
Costumes are in the works!


 Here is the oh-so-serious girl showing everyone our latest DIY project.

Check back for the run down on our cool new easel.
We need the easel now that indoor projects are going to be the thing.

What do you got?
What's the new thing at your place?


  1. Minna is so sassy! :] Miss you guys!

  2. Beautiful colors! I have always loved the deep reds and oranges of Autumn leaves, and I finally have my own orange trees! The last picture of Minna is too adorable!