Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hints Of Halloween And Freakish Occurrences.

Halloween is coming!

Spooky fabrics are being pulled out and used for this and that.
(A couple of bandanas in this case.)

Costumes being dreamed up and pieced together.
I. Can't. WAIT! to finish Minna's and make her wear it for a week straight.

Everyone is trying to scare me.
That's an all year thing really, 
but now there are scary props all over the place.

Pumpkin buckets and Halloween packages laying around.

Bats and ghosts still hanging.
My favorite garland yet.

The pumpkin treats!
It was this recipe.

Freakish occurrence #1

The chickens all of a sudden think they can come inside.
When I have the door open, they walk in.
It's kind of a dream come true for me.
But kinda not.
I am cleaning up enough animal droppings 
in the house with pups around, ya know what I mean?

Freakish occurrence #2

My house is a hospital.
Minna is sick. (Still not sure with what, exactly.)
Roo was just sick.

And all of Minna's imaginary friends 
and cute little babies and creatures are sick too.
A few more days and everyone will be discharged hopefully.

F.O. #3

Ester almost needed to go to the hospital too.
(That's her sweet, trouble maker face on the right.)

She found a dead rat and was eating it. (BARF!)
It gets worse...

She started choking on it!
There was a moment when I was holding her down 
trying to grasp the flopping rat tail, 
that I thought of my friend 
who had to do mouth-to-mouth on his Jack Russell.

Was I prepared to do that?
I don't know.
Glad I didn't have to decide. 
I was able to yank the thing out and unblock her airway. (ACK!)
During the panic, I threw it over my shoulder.
She was obviously fine because 
she promptly ran to the carcass 
and swallowed the yucky thing whole.
It went down easy the second try I guess.

I hope tomorrow is less freaky.

Have a nice night!


  1. Ew, gross, gross, gross! There have been times I have had to toughen up and do something icky because the stakes were too high not to--but I hope and pray I never have to dislodge a dead rat from anything because ... ew, ew, ew!

  2. I agree, ewwwwww! but we love the pups and I have to agree the chickens are amazing! Love the door shot... I just love your windows too...little wonderful house in the woods! Trish