Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Is Fast.

Believe it or not, our Autumn came and went since I was here last. Of course, on the calendar, that isn't really true. On our walks and in our yard and on our drives, we can see that nature doesn't care much for dates. When you live here, you can't either.

Fireweed has morphed and disappeared.

The grasses have started to bend and lose their green.

Our leaves are everywhere. 
The amount of leaves that fall out here could cover the island.

I swear.

The fish are going.
Some going in the freezer and some never to be caught.

The chickens a little soggier than usual.
A few less eggs than usual.
Their coop light is on.
A sure sign of the darker season ahead.

I really mean it,  leaves everywhere.

Paths are opening up and being discovered.

And relished.

This scene would have been green only two, maybe three weeks ago.
It's fast.

And beautiful.
And miraculous.

The colder weather baking bug has bitten.
As well as the knitting bug.
More on that later.

And snow.
We had a day of snow.

Told you it's fast.

How is your Fall? Just beginning? Seem far off? Passing you by?


  1. Beautiful pics! Here's hoping fall lasts a few more days for you guys up there. I know it's short-lived.

  2. Ours is just beginning. The photos of yours makes me want to savor it even more.

  3. I'm inspired by your fall baking photo. It's a grey day here today and it makes me want to go home and make something. :)