Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Fog.

We have been somewhat dry this week.
No rain really.
Mainly because the sky has been too low
 to rain on us the past couple of days.

We have been consumed by fog.
Big fog.

We have drivin into it.
Drivin out of it.
And been so stuck in it that I feel blind.

I think it is dreamy.
Spooky too.
But mostly dreamy.
That movie "The Others" has come to mind lately. 
Now that's creepy fog.

I stopped on the way to school
to take pictures of the birds coming in and out of focus.
They were flying, playing in the low clouds.

Minna waited in the car.
I stood on the side of the road.
My right arm was in thick mist and the other in the clear.
No joke.

I got in the car and the fog chased us to school.

Then we would have a break.
The flats, un-foggy.
We'd grab dogs and kids and go walking.

15 minutes away, town was covered.
But we could see it creeping back.
The birds flying from it.
It almost swallowed Sully-boy whole.

And all around us again, the fog.

I like it.

(PS-Today was our two year Kodiak-aversary. Neat, eh?)


  1. Fog is a curious and amazing things. The way it seems so "of the sky" but can be right there around you. We don't often get fog like in your photos, but I do enjoy it off in the distance on a morning drive to school from time to time.

  2. Lovely foggy photos. And congrats on 2 years! :)