Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A New Flat in The Flats.

Flooring is in.

Light fixtures installed and functional.

Homey, personal little touches here and there.

The new feathered residents happily eating, sleeping and rearranging things.

I think they threw themselves a housewarming party already. You should have seen how they were carrying on. Flying, flapping, jumping all over. I know they were chirping things things like...
"Hey guys! look at this over here!"
"No way lady! This is my nesting box."
"Yippee! Watch me stretch to my complete wingspread!"
"This place is wicked awesome!"

They were a happy bunch of pullets, I tell ya.

Plus, their mail box is up.
They would love a note.

Nothing like getting mail sent to your first place.

If you would like to send along a note, here is their address,

The T-Birds
P.O. Box 1681
Kodiak, Ak 99615

If you would like to send a note to one bird in particular, by all means, you may! We are still learning everybody's names but so far we know...

Suzie- A loud nervous Maran
Bobby- The smallest Maran. sleeps in Colyer's shirt.
Milo- The clumsy, runty, big time lovable Buff
Paris- Pretty Maran, named for her French origin (not Hilton)
Pita- Lovely Australorp (or Speckle Face) with bright white wing feathers.
Kutamala- Minna's love, and could be any one of the remaining Speckle Faces.
Biff- Biggest of them all, undoubtedly a Buff rooster. Oh so soft and amazingly tame. Jumps on my shoulder and walks onto my hand if I put it out.

(Noooo, of course I don't have a favorite. Ahem.)

I will let you know as we learn more names and personalities. I am sure that with the extra growing room, we will be able to get to know them much better.

And Jeff gets his workshop back, free and clear of chicken dust.

Ahhh....Coop, Sweet Coop.

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