Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Decor-Newpaper Style.

I think everyone knows how much I love to paint on newspaper. I am not alone in this. Luckily Minna loves it as much as I do because we made a bunch of newspaper leaves to hang!

We drew a variety of basic leaf shapes and pulled out the paint. Why were maple leaves so hard for me to draw? They just didn't look right. I was even looking at leaf pictures for reference. Oh well, nature does it best anyhow.

Then we picked out a Fall-ish pallet, and painted away. Just layering colors. Or dabbing colors and swirling colors. Very relaxing actually. I needed to relax after the maple leaf frustration.

Minna did a lot of the cutting after they dried. She is getting good!

We have had some debate on whether or not we actually made leaves, or hearts or "weird things", as one of the boys insists. I can see the "heart" argument. There really are heart shaped leaves in the world, so I will take it. "Weird things"? Sure, why not? I will take those too.

We used floss and small label stickers to tape 'em up all over and I like it. That was Minna's idea. I am so proud of my easy-going crafter.

A windy storm blew off the last of our real leaves outside last night. Now I am really thankful for our "weird things". :)

Hello and goodbye Fall.
We are holding onto you just a little bit longer in doors.

Have a great day!


  1. "Easy going crafter" - I love it, Natalie. And thank you for the inspiration - my daughter will be working on this today I'm sure! Last week I went on a walk with the two children I babysit and made a wreath for their door out of the assorted leaves, sticks, acorns, flowers and pinecones she found on the ground. Other than using the glue-gun to attach everything together, it is totally made out of raw materials. Those are my fave type of crafts - and the kids love them too. ;)
    xoxo michele