Monday, April 18, 2011

To Do List-Bubbles.

I can't say enough about the pretty sun and almost un-cold weather we have been having. Colyer said it was hot the other day and he wanted to take his shirt off. I think he is acclimating quite well.

I am sure you have guessed that we have been spending most waking moments out of doors. We planted a bit, we are riding our stuff with wheels and most of this morning was consumed with drippy-wonderful bubble-blowing.

My indoor time today was spent photographing my embroidery for the day and sewing a little ha-aaat! I will show you tomorrow. I will say now, it fits, and is cute and will serve it's purpose very well. It will be the star prop in the kid's Easter picture that I hope will be taken outside tomorrow as well.

Oh lovely sun, please stick around...

We have about a gallon of bubble solution left,
and some (very orange-y) Easter best that must be worn!


  1. Fun! You do beautiful embroidery, I need to do more, it is so relaxing.

  2. Natalie- Imagine my surprise when 'now that we are facebook friends' I happened upon your beautiful blog and your round a day project. I have had a great time looking at your pictures and reading your lovely reflections. what an awesome dedication to your arts. When I want to dream of a different life I always read Soule mama and I love that I found such a strong connection here. You made me tear up several times- such a positive and kind place to spend time... your blog.
    thank you for sharing and for joining this lovely place by jumping in with both feet. We are glad you are here... Kim Dorner

  3. Kim! Thanks so much for your kind words! The blog and photos and everything somehow keep me sane! We have met some great folk here. :) Hope to see you soon...