Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day For The Birds.

So with rain comes that "day after the rain" feel right?

We get lots of days like that here. Love those and we like watching the birds from our dinning room window fluttering around, their wings water free. You can tell that they like the after rain days too. Someday I will learn to photograph wildlife. Starting with the birds in my own yard.

The previous owners of our house left their bird feeders behind, I hope forever, because the chickadees and magpies are always coming around because of them. We are waiting anxiously for the finches to arrive for spring-time.

And speaking of birds.... Sully won an art contest at school for his lovely Mallard piece! Isn't it gorgeous!? (Getting a frame ASAP and can't wait to hang it!) He was so proud of himself. I was VERY proud and VERY excited. I tried to contain myself because no kid needs his mother having a freak out in the school parking lot. I managed somehow. Anyway, the prize was some nice art supplies and a copy of the "Guide To The Birds Of Alaska" by Robert H. Armstrong.

We love it! So far we have identified the Downy Woodpecker and several Barn Swallows. Our chickadees, we have learned, are the Black Capped Chickadee. Handy-dandy book! Good thing I have such talented kids to win neat stuff for the family...

Happy Monday!


  1. good job Sully.

  2. Sully,
    This picture is amazing! I am so proud of you!
    Love from Grammie