Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello! and Notes On Them "Roundies".

Hi! Hope you had a lovely weekend with your families and Easter celebrations!

Just checking in here with some notes on the other blog/project that I am happily letting take up my time. It has been fun so far! Thanks to those that check in and have been so supportive. Makes it even more fun.

I have fallen into a pleasing stitching, photographing, posting routine that hasn't felt invasive to my day and life-routine with the kiddos. Yet, anyway. I think "Out Here'n The Flats" is suffering somewhat, from my neglect. I am still here though, promise.

I am stitching each round the night before I post it. So, I am one day ahead really. I take a photo (or two, or 100) the next morning and quickly edit, then post. Easy as that! My stitching runs 1 -2 hours from concept to tying off. I do that after the house is sleeping, usually in front of a movie or listening to music by the fire with Jeff when he is home. I am really enjoying that time at night.

I have decided to take a second photo of each piece outta the hoop with the hopes of creating a huge photo collage in a year with all the squares this way. Might be a cool poster in the end...? We will see. I also have tagged each photo up on the blog with colors, general subject, pattern type, season and month to make sorting hundreds of shots easier in the end. Did that mostly for myself, but viewers may want to search for a red flower, stitched in December, designed by the kids. You never know right? Seemed like sensible organizing to me. Or micro-embroidery-crazy organizing... you decide.

Next, I pin a little label to the back of each one with the date and title on it. Then off it goes to the finished pile to wait for some important future purpose.

Sound like a realistic and not weird or embroidery-crazy process? The kids look at me like I am a tad nuts each morning and say, separately, "WHAT?! You did another one Mom?"

Yes. Yes I did.

Happy Tuesday All!


  1. Good for you for keeping at it! I love the idea, and I'm impressed you're making it work into your regular schedule--that's the hardest part for me.

  2. They could make a great quilt also!
    Actually, it would be amazing!
    Love from mom