Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not A Wordless Weekend...

(I miss those. They will be commin' around again soon...)

Here is some embroidery though.
These were worked on during our sick week when kids and grown-ups alike were gettin' antsy and starting to slowly feel better.

I can't claim these lovely pieces but a couple of boys around here can.

Here is Mr. C working on a mom original design he named,
"Snake With A Pointy Tongue".

And below, is Sully's smiley masterpiece. He drew, picked out the color and wanted to learn the split stitch for this one. Very nice.

I think in the embroidery world the above works are commonly referred to as "man-broidery".

How about "kid-broidery"? Yeah, that's better.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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