Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little Leaves Of Thanks.

So I saw this cute little idea in the November issue of Real Simple.

It's just a bowl filled with paper leaves that you can write special things that you are thankful for on. Then you can read them aloud on Thanksgiving Day. We just cut up that very magazine to make our leaves and I think they look awfully pretty.

I thought I was the only one participating but I took a little early peek and found these;

"Famal" (family I think), "My Food" and "School" "Grandparints" written by Sully. And in perfect penmanship was "Colyer" written by Colyer. I think he is thankful to be able to write his name so well. :)

Here is my "Little Leaf Of Thanks" for today;

"JEFF, for being so patiently understanding about how important that 33rd picture of Minna's muddy feet is and for compassionately teaching, creating with and loving Sully today when he was upset."

What would your leaves say?

PS-I am also thankful to be up and running again! I will be back to my daily posts and I am so excited. I missed you! Look for updates from the past month over the next week.

So, if you missed us, we're baaaack....

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