Sunday, November 15, 2009

Briefly Out Of Hiding...

How has everyone been?!

We have been kind of cooped up out here. Four of the five of us had a miserable flu bug that kept us under blankets for a week. We cuddled and recovered and are all better now. We even had friends over yesterday. What a treat!

Here is Minna-girl last week stepping out for the first time after days of not wanting to move. Poor thing is wearing her brothers old pajamas because the rest of her jammies had been soiled by one or more of many sickly substances. She was smiling and feeling so good in the fresh air and her cozy red pants. I desperately needed the fresh air too. I think we were instantly better.

We have also done some rearranging around the house. I will explain why and give you a tour as soon as the computer comes home from the hospital. Should be soon and the prognosis is good.

In an effort to bring the outdoors in while we were in our sickbeds, I set up a mini-nature table. We usually have rocks, leaves and other kid-found treasures all over the house. I am sure we still will, but I like the idea of a central location that can be played with and set up by both little and big hands.

Should be fun to see what the kids drag in. Hopefully no more germs.

Hope to be back regularly very, VERY soon

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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