Sunday, November 1, 2009

As For Pumpkin Week...

Well, Pumpkin Week for Out Here'n Two Rock was thwarted.

But we really did many wonderful things. All the great things that make up a good pumpkin week. I took pictures of all those great things too. Some real nice ones. My sweet ones got all dressed up and hammed it up for the camera. We had flowing capes and cute babies being so independent on their first big girl Halloween. We had a little fire fighter that told anyone who would listen that he had a uniform just like his Dad's. We ate pizza and candy and got a bit crazy. Plus, a bunch of neat people let me take some lovely family portraits of them, three whole sessions worth in fact. It was a blast of a week.

Wish I could share.

But I can't.

Thanks to what will go down in history as,

"The Great Pumpkin Week Computer Crash of 2009".

Yup. No computer now. Just a cute little net-book with zero photo editing capabilities. (Don't get me wrong I am VERY thankful for the e-mail capabilities it is providing me though.)

I am hoping that the info on our computer can be saved. We were lazy, sporadic back-up folk so the loss is potentially huge. Think recent birth photos and 1st birthdays and stuff. Nevermind, trying NOT to think about it.

We have a cool friend trying to work his magic on our hard-drive. Miracles do happen don't they?

I believe they do.

So, I didn't get to write about or share my beloved photos of our great week. And all of the photos I have taken recently that mean so much, may never be seen again. But those amazing, happy littles of mine that carved pumpkins and trick-or-treated with their best friends and played four square with me today, miraculously make it all better.

Hope you had a great week and a sweet, sweet Halloween.

Can't wait to be back up and runnin' soon...

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