Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Header and No Sew Seasonal Garland

...or as we like to say-

"Easy Fall Funny Flags"!

We made our own garland! We were all sick and the sewing machine, that is sadly on it's last legs, was just not working so we needed something we could sew by hand, or not at all.

It was so easy and fun that all four of us joined in. The boys and I cut, designed, glued and strung. Minna stacked (and promptly un-stacked) our felt triangles for us. Good times!

Here is a neat post I found today that has a billion other ways to make a pretty garland. I think ours could have made that list too, don't you?

Here is what we did if you just have to have one for your house.


* enough felt in seasonal colors to make 24 flags (ours are about 5-6 inches across the top side)
* 4 yards of ribbon, twine, yarn or anything you want to string your funny flags onto.
* scraps of pretty season inspired fabric of your choice
* fabric scissors
* glue, we used white glue but I am sure there is a better glue to use for fabric
* pen for drawing design onto fabric
* tacks or hooks for hanging


Talk with the kiddos about what colors and shapes represent the season for you and your family. When we chatted about Fall, jack-o-lanterns, leaves and apples kept coming up so we went with those. Then we decided on colors that went along with those ideas. Orange, purple, brown and green for the triangles and whatever we had in scraps for the leaves and apples. Use what you have if you can.

Cut 24 triangles, or more of course. You can make them any size and cut out as many as you want.

Cut little slits at the top two corners of each triangle to thread your sting through.

Draw the designs you choose on the scraps of fabric. We used a fabric pen because it went on smooth, but almost any felt-tip pen will work.

Cut out the shapes. We used some cotton scraps and some felt. We just left the cotton pieces raw and didn't care or worry about fraying.

Glue your shapes onto your flags.

String 'em to your chosen ribbon, twine or string. We created a pattern but you can be crazy and just string away in any old order. The boys LOVE patterns so that was very important to them.

Hang your festive garland up with the tacks or hooks and enjoy!

We are going to start our "Easy Winter Wacky Flags" next.

Have a lovely Sunday evening.

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