Monday, January 28, 2013

Chilly Days Doings.

Good weekends out there? Here too.

I am sitting next to a window that is covered with sticky snowflakes. Snowed all day. The trees in the yard look bone white. Totally skeletal. I do love a soft frosting of snow on the ground though. Never lasts long with three dogs, three kids and a clumsy booted mama stomping around in it.

So in these chilly closing days of January we are doing things to warm up.

Coffee in town every once in a while. (More like every trip into town.)

Finding the rare sunlit spots in the house for perching and keeping our hands busy. Sometimes the only sunlit spot is the dinning table. 

So be it.

Racquet ball. We are very lucky that we have use of all the facilities on the military base here because Jeff is a civilian employee. This includes the gym and participation in children's organized sports. Colyer joined in for the basketball season too. 


Walks and puddle stomping when puddles are around.

Wall climbing when it seems that the whole island is a mud puddle.

Jeff and Sully did some snowshoeing and climbed a pretty big mountain. I may have to post some extreme sledding Sully did on his avalanche shovel. Glad I wasn't there to see it in person. Pretty sure I would have fainted. He is fine. It was fine. And he had blast. 


For me, some indoor time has been spent cleaning up, organizing and prepping for some new ideas. Feels nice to clear away scraps and loose threads from Christmas projects right off of my work table. 


And now that things are looking like this...

...all I want to do is this.

(Especially if there is a fire going. 
And the bed warmer is on high.
 And Jeff is making coffee.)

Good night!


  1. I love the idea that the boys are taking an interest in racquetball

  2. I find it hard to post comments under my name so I just posted under anonymous. Love grampie

  3. We're no Alaska, but it's been coooold here lately, and I've just wanted to sit (a) in the sunlight, (b) by the fireplace, and (c) snuggled in bed, just like you say. And read and draw and waste time on the computer instead of being a responsible adult. I think I'm going to need Spring to come early around here!

    1. Oh us too! We were being tricked into thinking an early spring was in store for us. From the several feet of snow on the ground now, eh, not so sure. :)