Monday, February 4, 2013

Is It Sweater Time?

Oh yes. I do believe it is.

It's time to talk about, The Sweater.

I started my very first knit garment last August when a friend asked if I wanted to knit one along with her. It was ambitious for me because I had only knitted scarves and crochet was really my thing.

(I carried my sweater in that bag for 5 months. 
I must have made 80 bazillion tick marks.)

I am so glad I said yes. I can now knit in the round. I taught myself how to do short rows and the Kitchener stitch. Not easy, but I feel like I can call myself a knitter now!

The sweater was a tiny shrug/vest for a while. I needed help with the sleeves.

It laid around so we could all admire it.

I modeled my vest. So soft and comfy. But very short and wavy. Not to worry. After sleeves it will be blocked and smoothed out.

It had part of a sleeve.

Then it didn't. Then it did.

Then it didn't again. And then it had almost two full sleeves and I ran out of yarn. A discontinued yarn.
But a very near match was found.

And finally it had two full sleeves. With cuffs that had a tucked stitch. (Learned that too.)

Then came blocking, which smoothed and stretched things out nicely. Then I realized that my arms aren't 37 inches long.

So I scrunched it up again and let it dry at a normal sleeve length. Yarn is kind of amazing and I am still amazed that I knit that many stitches. That many rows.

That's a lot of rows.

And here it is! Just the front view because I haven't hired Jeff to do a photo shoot yet. Plus, I think I have to block the back again because it is still a little wavy. Maybe a careful steam with the iron will do?

It is soft. It is cozy. It fits! I think it was a successful knit! 

I am not sure I will do another adult garment though. Not sure why... I really did enjoy the process and I am proud of the result.  Maybe because I am not sure I will wear it a whole lot. I don't know.

I do know that I will definitely knit a kid sweater or a baby vest for sure. Probably soon. I am cranking out knit hats all over the place too.

I also know, that knitting is just so perfect for February (Welcome February!).

Have a good night!

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  1. Oh, Natalie, well done! It looks great, and such a pretty color.