Monday, December 10, 2012

Some Knits and Bugs.

Happy Monday!

I am writing this after a full 24 hours of being ill. The kind of ill where wearing clothes hurts your skin and you can't stand up for more than a nano-second. No fun! Four out of five came down with it out here. Double no fun! It seems to be passing as quickly as it set in. So we are on the mend. 


Anyhow, I have been knitting! Crochet will forever be my first love of the yarn world, but knitting is almost a tie. Look at this sweet hat! It has a crochet ruffle so I am not entirely cheating on my first love here.

It's a Velvet Acorn pattern and I bought yarn to make one for myself today.

Minna didn't like it at first.
When she got to pick out the little roses she changed her tune.
(I was dreaming of lime green buttons, but if the roses means she puts it on, so be it.)

I used double pointed needles for the first time.
That was fun and I am not intimidated by them anymore.
I so got this.

She looks so grown up (and gorgeous) in it too.

And..... sweater. Ahhhhh, my sweater.

I bought only half the yarn I needed to start this project.
I wasn't sure I was going to actually finish it.

But! I am totally finishing it and have only six inches left to completion! 
I have pleasantly surprised myself!

But! My yarn has been discontinued and I need one more ball.

Here it is in vest form. It has one full sleeve and one almost full sleeve now.  Now it sits waiting to possibly order another ball from somewhere, or be substituted with another brand. Either way, I have finished way more than I thought I would.

It's a good day for knits and healing bodies.


  1. Oooh, could I possibly commission a similar hat?

    1. Of course! Dream up your color and button choices and I will start getting materials together. Prob won't be before Christmas. But soon after maybe. :) yay! We will talk soon...

  2. Minna does look totally beautiful in that hat! Hope you find the missing yarn for the big sweater finish--although it isn't so bad in vest form, either. :)

  3. that is the most adorable hat (the kid is cute too)!

  4. Hope you find the yarn you need. N