Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Week.

So, I think I promised some knitting updates or something? Going to have to be next week. Maybe by then I will have TWO finished knitty projects to share. (Hope! Hope!)

But now, some pictures, newly uploaded to tell the story of our week...

Most time spent indoors, playing and goofin' off.
It is very cold out now.

Some decorating.
The best star lights ever.
Christmas can happen now that they are hung.

Wish making.
I love that we have three lists now.
All carefully written in their own hand.

We took a tree hunting hike.
More on that later...

A 100% kid decorated tree.
I LOVE it.

A kid operated roadside stand.
Selling the yummiest hot chocolate ever.
Not one sale.
A bust?


 I seriously do not know how those 25 cars 
could resist the waves and smiles that these two were throwing down. 
I know I couldn't have.
No matter though, Sully had fun putting it together. 
I had fun with them,
and we remain hopeful.

Maybe next time, right?

(Hope next time it's at least 30 degrees out.)

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  1. Wow, it all feels so ... Winterish in a magical way. If I were close enough, I'D buy hot chocolate!