Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Re-cap.

How's the new year so far? Good here. 

Tomorrow we head back to school and leave the holiday vacation vibe behind.

We did so much last month and I just now got all of our pictures on the the computer. There were several things that happened that really deserve a blog post of their very own. I even had them planned, photographed and written in my head. 

Yet, now being that it's 2013, I am ready to move on to the new and give just a little blog-nod to this holiday's past.

We went snowshoeing and I absolutely loved it. We can literally strap on our shoes and walk out our back gate for some endless snow walking in the river. We can all go together and its fun and easy for even the littlest.

I made a bunch of bear ornaments for the family. It's an Alicia Paulson design and her patterns are so timeless and fun and well written. The original was a polar bear. But duh, can't live in Kodiak and not send a Kodiak bear. I  mean, really...

I did her little red coats too. Love them.

Here are all the bears waiting to be wrapped and sent. I also took 80 billion pretty tree pictures that would have been fun to share. Too late now, and that's OK.

Christmas still lives on though with the arrival of Minna's doll. Her name? Elisabeth Christmas. She goes with us everywhere. We all love her and I am sure she will get her own post soon. There is no way I could resist.

Jeff made me the teensiest and yummiest birthday cake ever. We each got a perfect little slice and it was gone. It was a neat way to say goodbye to 35. No leftovers.

The boys have bows in hand constantly. I spy and take pictures of them shooting constantly. I tried one out a couple of times and really liked that too! That old milk jug target didn't stand a chance. Maybe snowshoes and a bow are in my future. Why not?

A bunch of friends gathered for a fun, loud, grown-up party to celebrate my birthday. Good times. And I wore a dress and some heel. Nice way to say hello to 36. Changing things up a bit.

My neighbor made me a hat and tried really hard to match my coat. Perfect match and so sweet! Thanks neighbor!

Our neighbors also put on a show for new year's day. We had a front row seat on our living room couch. Didn't have to move an inch.

I am starting the snowy, slushy, wet new year off right. In new warm, dry pair of boots with a little feminine touch of color. Goodness! I needed them.

We also may have started a new tradition. Banya on New Year's eve and then instead of a polar plunge, a naked lap around the house in the snow. Yes. You read that right. I never laughed so hard in all my life. Tiny naked Minna did two laps. They were barefoot too! So good.

I didn't participate this time.

Next year?

You never can tell.

Have a great, great Monday!

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  1. I'm playing catch-up too. I've got a bunch of posts mostly written and will hopefully remember to finish and publish them. I want to put them out there, but I want to move on too.... Everything sounds so fun and lovely there, and I love the Kodiak bears!