Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Eleven Year Streak Ends.

Last week Jeff and I dropped our youngest off for her first day of school. 

(I know, it is so very dark here in the morning still. Summer makes up for it when it never really gets dark at all.)

On Minna's second day, I went and sat in the car with a coffee and realized that this preschool adventure for Minna is also a huge new time of adventure for me. 

For eleven years, we experienced every combination of being pregnant, a newborn, nursing babe, toddler, bigger kid and all of the above. My days were tailored to nurture all of these phases of us. Our days have just morphed to accommodate. First, all of my kids home each day. Then, just two. Then, to just Minna and I, since she was born over four years ago.

Now, I have a new combo of a few hours each week alone, or with Jeff when he isn't on shift.

I keep trying to remember when it was always just the two of us. But now we have been parents way longer than we were a newly wedded, childless couple. Kind of weird to think.

These moments when I find myself buckling only one seat belt, grabbing just one coat and speeding thorough my grocery list, are weird too. Very weird.

But oh my, not bad at all! Not bad because this girl wishes school were everyday. She is so excited. So ready.

She didn't want her picture taken for her first day. She just wanted to tell me about the art she made with paper plates and the snack she had. And that she was glad she had water with her snack because its better for her teeth.

"I mean, I am just so really, really ready. It is time for me to go for school with a backpack and a folder like my brothers."

She got her first haircut too. Talk about a new phase! Those little blond ends will be tucked into her baby book next to ultrasound pictures and baby shower cards. All tucked away and making way for the next.

This big girl. 

A perfect combo of smart, funny and lovely. 

And even though I plan to thoroughly enjoy my free time, or at least use it wisely, I will be waiting excitedly for her to come home. Then as usual, we will be excited for her brothers to come home too. And this is our new phase. 

The beginning of a sweet new streak.


  1. I often think of my life before children when Carl and I were a couple, and it too seems so foreign to me. I tell the kids about how my life has defining lines:(BC)before children and(AC)after children. It's all good, and I'm so enjoying being able to watch your new phase.

  2. Aw, bittersweet. (And I don't even know what we DID pre-children. Did that time really exist? It must have been so BORing!) I babysit my nephew, so I still have someone around most days, but I get the occasional day with no one at home, and it's a little shocking. Sometimes I spend so much time sitting there wondering which to pick of the many things I could do that the time is past before I know it! ;)