Monday, July 2, 2012

Scenes From Our Greenhouse.

So, we have a nice greenhouse out here. 

It's big. The size of a small home, really. I am not a gardener. Yet. 

This year, I am really trying though. I certainly have the room. Most of the greenhouse is basically a garage. That will change when we actually get... a garage.

I have a little corner for my attempts at growing from seed. Its happening. Things are growing!

Tomato plants even! 

It gets quite warm in there. Warm enough to grow tomatoes? We shall see.

I planted stuff in our raised beds in the garden. Filled all the raised beds actually, forgetting that I started a bunch of seeds. I now must find places for all the squash, beans and flowers we started. 

We will figure something out.

Sully helped by building a sweet planter box with scrap wood. I love it! He doesn't because he is like his dad, precise and into perfection. I like jagged, scrappy and goofy. 

He totally made it to order.

Some of the canary bird vines have a home now. These grew like crazy last year. Hoping for a repeat.

And now, in the greenhouse, are 5 new babies. Baby chicks! They are doing well and soon we will have beautiful green-blue eggs to add to our lovely selection. 

Last time, we had the chicks in the workshop. Cant do that this time. Show you why shortly. (It's part of the reason we have so much scrap wood.)

Happy new week to you!


  1. Jagged, scrappy, and goofy is just right! Love your spaces!

  2. I am looking forward to having a green house at the Cabin in Willits! Yours is Great!!