Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another First...

So, I found myself compulsively weeding yesterday morning.

In my pajamas.

My full cup of coffee forgotten on the fence post.

With eggs in my pocket.

I have had many firsts since moving here to Kodiak. 

Yesterday's first is one I am quite proud of.
Only because it means I am trying to grow things.

And it's sorta working out.

We have picked radishes.

Just radishes, so far. 
(Besides the two strawberries.)

Leafy greens are growing fast! 
We have itty bitty green tomatoes in the greenhouse!
I think the carrots took!

Seeds we started and put outside, are moving skyward.
And vining up and around.

Just as we had hoped.

Plus, this looks like a garden.

We couldn't even see this area last year at this time.
We have done a lot of work out here.

Most of it in regular clothes, I assure you.

And these young ladies are working hard at growing too.

Their eggs will be in my pocket in no time.


  1. That sounds pretty wonderful, Natalie. Love it!

    1. It's so rainy now that weeding is put on hold. Hopefully just for a few days. :)