Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blue Doors, Blanket, Broodiness.

How has your July been so far?
Is it flying by as ours is?

In a week, July's end will be here,
and so will the grandparents!

Good thing we are almost done with the guest suite.

We painted the door blue.
It's like, really bright blue.

I went ahead and made Jeff do our front door too.

So bright!

Pretty sure I am in love with it.

And for more bright, I finished piecing and edging my circle blanket.
It turned out way smaller than I pictured.
It's a cute size.

Lots of weaving in left. I tried to weave in as I went.
I got lazy.
I also want to block it to see if the squares will stretch 
and look more, square.

It is the perfect baby blanket size.

Switching gears to chickens.

We have a broody hen dug in under the house by the name of Kelly.
She had me panicked all last night because we couldn't find her.
She is Minna's favorite and she found her this morning.
Under the deck sitting on several eggs.

We just went through this will Milo.
It took five weeks or so for her to come out of it.

So, I will just let it run it's course
 but will probably pull her out and put her in the coop at night.
I worry about the girls if they aren't locked up safe in the dark.

Look at her. 
Makes me sad that she can't get any babies out of all the dedication.


And just because they are cool and also start with the letter "B"...


Sauce and Banana, you cuties.

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  1. Love all the brightness! And, yes, where did July go? I just realized we only have 5 weeks until school starts. I am so not ready for Summer to go away!