Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan-yew-lary First.

2012. New calendar. New goals. New ideas.
I made everybody write or draw some
goals/dreams out and tell me about them.

ME- Plant a fat garden and actually take care of it. Find my kitchen mojo again. Enjoy our own chicken eggs and maybe sell some. Complete my 365 and hang them somewhere...public. Re-decorate our bedroom in an awesome yet, thrifty way. Get strong and flexible.

JEFF- Finish teardrop. Take steps towards providing our own food completely, by growing, hunting, raising animals, canning, etc.

MINNA- Go fishing with Dada. Practice dance things.

COLYER-Play soccer. Do gymnastics. Play more video games. (Well, these are dreams too.)

SULLY- Learn to hunt with Dad. Earn $100 by selling flies or being a handyman. Practice archery. Eat more vegetables and fruit. (Not kidding you here. Proof above!)

Off to a good start.
Welcome 2012.

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