Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No One Escapes... THE HOOK!

Not even this guy...

He prefers to escape the camera and the blog too.
Not gonna happen.

He likes his hat though.
He was actually complaining that I hadn't made him one yet.
I think it looks darn good.
(It's The Hansel Hat. Again.)

So, I will be putting my hook to real life good use for the next few weeks.

I am sending some hats and lil' bags along to Craft Hope

For children of all ages battling cancer, they are calling for beanie style hats in all kid/teen sizes and simple activity tote bags to carry stuff to do at the hospital. The only requirement is that they be handmade. (Sewn, knitted, crocheted, etc.) And if you want to make something too, get it to me and I will send it all along for you in a big box, from our little island.

Sound good? It does!

The deadline is March 12. I am just gonna work my hook and make as many as I can and hope to send off a box the last week of February.

Comment on this post,
find my face here,
or email,
if you want me to send something for you.

Have a great night!


  1. I'd like to order a few - along with some of your snow and chickens. Craft Hope sounds awesome. Do the simple activity tote bags need to be handmade?

  2. great to see Jeff !!!

  3. Nice of you to finally include him. ;) It looks great!

  4. Hi Michele! Yes, the totes need to be handmade. They can be super simple-think shopper style. I am gonna try and make some too. We will see how mine turn out. I got 4 hats done!