Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Ice Work.

This is our ice yard. Back where the someday-goat will roam.

The kids have been skating on it.
The other night all I could see was
Sully's silhouette gliding, weaving around the trees.

Crazy cool.

We have been making that ice work for us
by making hanging ice ornaments.
(Got the idea here.)

Try not to trip on the bundt pans and tins filled with water
on the doorstep if you happen to come by.

We will be freezing many hearts for Valentine's Day.
Maybe even hanging 'em up around town.
Getting crazy with the ice!
(Ice bombing?)

This is what I see out the dinning room window. Kinda fun.
They all have a pile of snow on top of them now though.

Sometimes they catch the sun and look
like they have a little twinkly light inside.

Crazy neat.

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