Monday, July 4, 2011

Our 4th, In Black and White and Cardboard.

No BBQ or camping or beach trips for us this year.
But, we did some playing and swinging.
And, obviously, some picture taking.



Upside down.

And a family portrait of cardboard since Jeff had to work.

I was making dinner and the kids were antsy, so I cut up a cereal box on it's way to the recycle bin and told them to do self-portraits. And true portraits they are! I love how the most reluctant portraitist, almost crying because he didn't want to draw, ended up being the most creative when he did decide to join the fun. (That would be Ninja-Colyer.)

Sully has his pocket knife on his belt and his 4-wheeler in the background.

And Minna. Little Minna has a skirt and shoes on, and yellow crayon hair. (Gah! Adorable!)

I did Jeff and myself. How handsome Jeff is in his bibs with his fly rod and blue eyes. His picture is tall and lean, as he is in real life and his stand had to be really long to keep the cardboard up. I personally think that is hilarious.

You can't see it, but I have a chicken and some eggs at my feet and my new hair cut looks great doesn't it?

So, a funny and relaxed 4th for us out here. We may still get some firework action, courtesy of the neighbors. I think popcorn is definitely in order.

Happy 4th Of July to you!

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  1. My Alaskan cereal box family is a most wonderful family indeed! All of you are superb Artists!
    Love from Grammie Streeter!
    Can't wait to see you all in person!!!!