Thursday, July 14, 2011

Organizing To Get Organized.

I just counted 10 little piles of stuff all around the house that are destined for California and should already be in a bag or suitcase. (We leave soon!)

I have been steadily working on these piles for days. I felt I got a nice and easy head start on things. Somehow, not much has been checked off the old to-do list. I think that is the way out here when we get sun, warm and such blinding blue skies!

Not much gets done besides runnin' around in it all.

I managed to make french bread pizzas that seemed to be a hit. (Gettin' harder to fill up these growing boys of mine. Challenging. That's for another time though I guess.) Anyway, I love when random-pantry-busting things like that work out. We ate them outside of course.

Colyer wanted to build a bench. So he built himself a fully functional bench. He wrote his and his brother's names on it with a Sharpie because he said he didn't just make it for only him. (Awe! My heart skipped a beat on that one.)

Then lil' sis felt left out. Look at her! So seriously sad.

So she got a mini-bench. With three legs to make it more stable because Minna is still kinda little. (My heart!) She is using it as a bedside table.

Just wait 'til he gets to paint his awesome builds.

Sully worked on a project of his own that deserves a whole separate post at a later date. His abilities as a carpenter are kind of mind-blowing. I mean it. And, I have already claimed this mystery piece of wonderful. It's all mine. Sully says it's for all of us. And the chickens. I know... I can hardly wait either!

I am going to do as my hammer wielding, thoughtful, determined boys do, and say I want to do something, and then just go do it.

I really want to pack.
I am going to do it.

Am I doing it yet?

See you tomorrow for a send off post.
My last one for a while!

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