Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Delayed Share.

I keep forgetting to show you the little favors Minna and I made for the guests at her birthday party! It was fun to try to make as much as possible on our own this year.

*Boring grown-up note: Jeff and I have put ourselves on a budget for the first time since we got married. Nothing extreme. We just want to think more about where our money is going and where we can save in small ways. Sometimes those small ways can be big, you know?

Anyway, back to party fun. So along with the pinky-cupcakes, we gave our guests tiny sketchbooks with stitched covers.

(Bound kinda as shown in this video-here.)

And we slipped them into little sacks with ties. That was it! Minna helped pick fabric and sat in my lap and stitched with me. I know her brothers liked theirs and one of the little guests said something like, "You guys made these? You are good makers!"

Sweet, right?

It was fun and I am going to make more of those little books ASAP. Good way to use up thin cardboard and stuff. If they aren't gifts, I like to use the backs of the boys' old homework for the inside pages.

We use that old homework for everything-drawing, painting, lists... I like turning a note I scribbled over and seeing Sully's handwriting from 1st grade or something. Makes my day.

Small really can be big sometimes.

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