Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Up To Date.

I keep thinking I am posting more here.
 Then I look at the date of my last post and realize I am not at all!

I  like these quick updates though. 

Here is another...

Full day playdates.

More market.

One of us on the road for a LONG trip on two wheels.

Really, we are all on the road.


A neighborhood birthday party.

Father's Day, celebrated early.

Our own birthday girl. 
(Celebrating late, when Dad gets back with Grandpa!)

B-day boots.


Wind, a couple of girls and lupine soup making.
(I'm pretty sure its not a real thing. People keep asking though.)

River when it's nice out.
Sometimes it gets nice at 10:00pm.
We will be there.


Ducks are doing great.

As are all the other critters.

Skies clearing.
And we woke up to 60 plus degrees this morning.

River anyone?


  1. Glad all is well. We're in the 90s at the moment and spending a lof of time poolside ... until thunderstorms chase us away!

  2. Two days of constant rain here. Today, the skies opened up and all my windows were opened. The farmers are busy making hay in Valley Ford and tomorrow the keychain production starts in earnest. My boy has big plans for his future potential earnings. Ice cream. Lots of ice cream purchases "at will" at the VF Market.

    Your life looks dreamy. Enjoy it.