Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ducks And Market.

This Summer is proving itself to be the most creative to date.

We have a fun farmer's market on Saturday's during 
June, July and August. 
Sully sold a few flies last year 
and all three kiddos wanted to get in on the fun this season.

So the making began. 

Painted rocks, prints of original watercolor art, 
popsicle stick bookmarks and embroidery. 
It all made for an awfully pretty market table.

Some of my 365 made the cut and was allowed on the table too. 
(Thanks kids.) 
I painted a few hoops and sold a few. 
Very exciting for me. Very. 
I do have to fight the urge to just give them away though.

The boys stood with their hands in their pockets, waiting patiently. 
They talked quietly but confidently about their work. 
Hands tucked in all the while.

Minna liked helping people look through her bookmarks and rocks. 
She kept tucking her hair behind her ears over and over. 
So cute. Hard to resist, I'm sure.

And right next to our table, were ducks. 
I said from the beginning that we were NOT leaving with a duck. 
Turns out they are very social and need a buddy. 
You can't just get one.

So, we left with two. 

What else in the world would I spend my market profits on anyhow?


Best impulse buy ever.


  1. What a fantastic table. I love it! (I love your embroideries too.)

  2. Your table of handmade wares looks beautiful! What a great family project.