Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May One.

According to Sully's calendar that he is using to check off the days until summer, there are 17 days of school left. That's isn't very many. The last month of school for us is quite busy now that all three kids have their own activities and projects going on. Those 17 days will be checked off before I know it.

My own constant activity (surprise) has been embroidery. It's portable for all the games and rehearsals that are happening and I feel like I am getting so much done even with our non-stop schedules. 

I have many finished pieces that need frames. I still need to figure out exactly how I want to frame them. 

Floss everywhere. Just everywhere.

I finished my head.

And several others that are just hanging out.

Adding color with crayon is my new favorite. I love it so much because I still feel like the blackwork is very dominant. Minna wants her butterfly wings to hang in her room. Maybe a pretty green frame?

My second work with color is a sunflower from the ranch. I have been carrying this thing all over the place for days.

Once it is framed up, it will be cropped just like the photograph. I think the cropping is what intrigues me most about creating an embroidery from a photo. That, and the balance with all the open space. It's an entirely different look but feels the same.

A special gift will be on it's way soon. I will share a full frontal when it gets its proper frame. (I really have to remedy this frame problem.) For now, check out my backside...

There are more gifts on the drawing board. Some for teachers and some for friends afar. 

I am also feeling the need to go bigger. So big, that I feel like I might need an overhead projector to get my ideas on fabric. That's big. That would be some big time design transfer fun right there.

So... happy May! 

The days are nice and long and the countdown continues out here.

I like May.

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  1. Oh, wow, it's all so fantastic I don't even know where to start. Just loving it. You need to have another show somewhere with all of these. (We have 21 days of school left. 5 weeks sounds like a lot more than 21 days. Eek.)