Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Bit Of Dance.

So, you know where I have been instead of here? Stage right, watching my girl rehearse for her second dance recital. My, is it busy! 

But so, so fun. 

(The beginnings of my ballet girl embroidery from a few weeks ago.)

I was going to write a bit about my thoughts on performance pressure, competition, negative body image and conformity, and how it all can relate to dance and other traditionally feminine arts and sports. 

I am just not feeling that today. 

The worry is still there somewhere in my heart when I think of her showing a continued interest in learning ballet. But certainly, right now in this supportive dance community I don't fret about any of those things. When I see Minna out there with her friends on stage and waiting with them patiently during long rehearsal hours, all I see and feel is fun. 

(Remember these blue feathers from last year? Tons of fun.)

What Minna remembers most from last year, was dancing with her good friend. So many friendships were formed. I am pretty sure a lot of the older girls at our school have danced together since they were this little. That is pretty special.

I have been amazed at all the growing that happens between age 3 and 4. Longer (but still little) legs, bigger confidence, sweet skipping skills and professional forward rolls.

The tan tights seem so grown up to me too. As does the sassy wolf pup costume. She is happy to get to add it to the dress-up basket after the show.

We have enjoyed watching everything come together with lights and music and sparkles. We also got to see pointe shoes in action for the first time ever. Again, amazed.

It's going to be a great show.

Now, the following black and whites of my dancer... 

getting ready for practice with her teeny bun...

and grown up tights...

...will be the very last that my old trusty camera will produce. 

It is time to retire it.
More like, it has angrily resigned.
Time to invest in a new one. 
Which will take time.

Until then, I will be front and center this Saturday when my wolf pup takes the stage. With my phone/camera I will take a bunch of fun pictures of yet another fun year of dance on the island.

Have a great Friday!

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