Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Good Stuff.

So, saying goodbye to family last weekend wasn't very fun.

In our little world, most of the week prior, was though.

Here is some of that fun stuff...

Easter was easy and colorful.

Having a house full of people,
and paper bunnies in our likeness' from Grandma was too.

Having WAY too much fun with my new phone. And Instagram.
(username-outherentheflats / name search-natalie t)

And, embroidering my new phone
and taking pictures of it with Instagram.
Much. Too. Much.

Speaking of embroidery,
I posted a wrap up thing over on A-Round-A-Day.
A year of stitching every day, complete.

Now what?

How about science projects, a dance recital, soccer and cleaning up our yard now that we can see it. The snow is a-melting and our little slice seems huge!

We are busy, no doubt.

What's up next for you?

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