Monday, April 16, 2012

The Kind Of Post I Never Post.

We just had a full week with family, and laughter and fun. Days of sun and showing off our home and the island we have started to call ours. Last Thursday, the kids spent 10 hours running, sword fighting and puddle jumping, with no coats in sight. I will be here soon to share.

But there are families on the island that had a very different week. While we felt surrounded by love and color and the excitement of family near, there were people losing loved ones in a brutal way. And while my kids got a luck-of-the-draw day of playing hooky, their peers experienced a scary 5 hour lock down at school.

I have a hard time speaking of anything but the easy and pretty and funny here. Mostly because I don't have the words. I know that blog readers in general know that what is posted online is not the whole story. Not the whole truth. Only parts of a day, a glimpse.

I just felt I couldn't not say something.

The tragedy that occurred last Thursday has made the news country wide. We still don't know the whole truth to that story either. We are all wondering and waiting and hoping that the people working day and night will find answers for us.

We had to talk to the boys about what may be talked about at school when they returned today. About how someone used a gun to kill two people while they were at work, only a few miles away from our home. And how there is a search for who is responsible. And how they know kids and grown-ups at school, who know the people that died. About, how we are all affected when something happens to others, even when we don't know them. We talked about how scary things like these sometimes don't seem real and we have to be careful with our words when we talk about it.

We are very grateful and very sad at the same time out here.

I am holding onto the vision of my strong boys running, bare armed with their swords.

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  1. It's hard stuff, especially explaining this world to our kids. I'm glad you're all ok.