Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Snippets-Part 4

Play, snow and sky.

I rearranged our little writing desk and filled the drawer with scraps and papers and old cards. I named it the "collage drawer" and it's been a big hit.

So much so, that it is always on the floor with projects all around it. Easy clean-up though. Throw it all back in and slide it in place.

Got a beautiful set of hooks from a friend to organize Minna's bags and dress-up clothes. (More on that later.)

Colyer loves Roxy. He didn't move a muscle in hopes of keeping her on his lap as long as possible.

Took a walk and had a tubing sesh under this sky. So windy and cold, but worth it. We realized that day, that Sully probably needs a snowboard. And that Colyer, doesn't need anything...

That wraps up our Spring Break snippets! We did some other things that may get a post of their own. I sure liked posting pictures and little stories to go with them. Look for snippets more often.

Enjoy your evening and happy Monday tomorrow!

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  1. My Alaskan Grandchildren are sooooooo LUCKY!!!!! love from Grammie Streeter